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Introduction to Vilafinil and other “afinils”

You can notice that there is a complete family of “Afinil” drugs, which includes Modafinil, Armodafinil, Adrafinil, among others. The first one to be discovered was Adrafinil, which grew quite popular due to its abilities to help patients with ADHD/ADD. Ever since the first production of Adrafinil, pharmaceutical giants have always been trying to come up with their own version of these smart drugs. Once the legal patent for the creation of the generic version of such drugs expires, companies start making their own.

Centurion Laboratories, which is another pharmaceutical company, decided to make their own smart drug, similar to Provigil. Hence, they came up with Vilafinil, which had the sole purpose of breaking in the market of smart drugs! So, let us now get more in-depth with Vilafinil, and how good (or worse) it is, along with where you can buy it!

VilafinilWhat Is The Difference?

Now that you know what Vilafinil is let us now see how it is different from other similar smart drugs in more detail.

Reputation Of The Manufacturer

Vilafinil is a product by Centurion Laboratories. Unfortunately, this pharmaceutical company does not have a very good reputation due to many of its major products, such as Cenforce 100, which is a similar drug to Viagra but much worse, as reported by Pharmacy Still, Vilafinil remains a popular brand of Modafinil, and it seems to be an exception of Centurion with regards to quality.

Availability Of Vilafinil

As Vilafinil is a product by an India-based pharmaceutical company, it is manufactured and distributed in India. The best part about this drug is that it is not a prescription-only drug in the country, so it can be sold all around the world legally.

So, if you want to get hold of these smart drugs, you can order them online as most of the retailers ship them directly from India! Although it is not a popular drug in online stores, you can still get hold of them with enough research!

All The Bad Stuff About Vilifinil

Although Vilifinal is a cheaper drug as compared to others, it still has some pretty bad stuff attached to it. Let us see them in detail now.

Poor Quality

Price is an important factor when considering to purchase anything. However, in the case of products like drugs, it is essential that you prefer the quality of the drug over quantity. Many reports show that Vilafinil is an inferior product as compared to other smart drugs and is not a good value for money.

Various online forums and channels such as Reddit, BulletProof, and LongeCity have people giving their opinions on the drug, with most of them saying that it is not such a good smart drug in terms of its strength and effectiveness.

Severe Headaches

Moreover, there have been reports of Vilafinil, causing extreme headaches after consumption. One user on Bulletproof described the pain as “Skull Bludgeoning.”

Even with the recommended minor dosage of 200mg, people have still reported mild headaches. Of course, not drinking water will lead to headaches regardless of the brand of Modafinil you’re using, so that isn’t actually a valid statement.

Where To Buy Vilafinil?

You can buy Vilafinil from BuyXArmodafinil.orgOf course, there are tons of online vendors that can provide you with Vilafinil. However, you might also find tons of scammers, and retailers with poor service and low-quality products. In the past, used to have the best priced Vilafinil for sale. Nowadays, occupies the top spot price-wise, even though BuyXArmodafinil mainly focuses on Armodafinil.


To sum it all up, Vilafinil is an “alright” drug for cognitive enhancement. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that all these substances can be very dangerous to your health. If you are on a tight budget, it will definitely help you out. Moreover, you can always try it first as it costs considerably less, and check whether it suits you or not. If it does, you are good to go. However, if it doesn’t, you still have many alternatives such as Waklert, Modalert, Artvigil or Modvigil available to you!

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