1kg Uncut 91% COCAINE ….Established Vendor




1kg uncut 91% cocaine

With great partners all over the world, we offer the best variety of products to our customers.

Our deliveries are now more safer because we ship from different locations , Europe , Australia , Asia , Africa and United States

Our Product is Sourced from Peru We have worked for years setting this up but as everyone know the games changes and you either adapt or burn out.

We constantly maintain a high standard and if anything changes we will update and adjust pricing to accommodate lower or higher grade of Product.

Buy Pure Uncut Cocaine


Cocaine for sale in Canada
Cocaine for sale in Canada

We test EVERYTHING and we know EVERYTHING about our Product feel free to hit us up and chat we are also good at assisting when needed.

Cocaine for sale online in Toronto,Montreal,Ottawa,Edmonton,Winnipeg,Vancouver,Quebec city and everywhere in Canada . Order cocaine online with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies .

Cocaine for sale in Canada

Terms And Conditions

We Are a worldwide supplier, While we welcome all there are a few terms and conditions we strictly adhere to:

1: We currently offer only Uncut coke to our customers, while we appreciate the love received from around the world until we’ve perfected our systems we will not disclose our shipping routes to our clients.

2: We only accept the coins on this site as well as Monero please do not ask for cash as we will politely decline you.

3: We will only be doing Cryptocurrencies as other payment methods are not 100% safe.

Buy 1kg uncut 91% cocaine online

4:Once order has been place you will receive a confirmation email and if choosing Monero you will be given the address to send Monero or other cryptocurrencies that you may have .

5:We have 2 shipping options only one is Snail Mail and the orther is Express Post, We use the highest levels of security and stealth to make sure your packages get to you asap. In saying that you will need to adhere strictly to the rules set out once purchase has been made.

5: No Meet ups – Standard

Buy Uncut Cocaine Canada

If you order with cocaineforsaleonline.com , you agree to the following;

– In case of non-arrival, please contact us within 30 days.
– In case of non-arrival, Cocaine For Sale Online will reship your order to the same or a new address or issue a refund if you prefer.
– Buyer is responsible for address, if there are any mistakes, Cocaine For Sale Online will not reship.

Please contact us first in PM, before leaving any bad feedback or disputing your order.

Cocaine for sale in Canada
Cocaine for sale in Canada

How to Order Cocaine and have it shipped to my address .

We are happy to help and we are 24/7 available in PM.

Name :
Street :
Postal code / City :
Country :

Buy 1kg uncut 91% cocaine online
Buy 1kg uncut 91% cocaine online


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